Sick of Being Sick
ISBN: 978-0984764990

Paperback: 34 pages
Size: 10 x 8 inches

What else is a little girl to do, when she becomes sick of being sick? Let your imagination run wild in this beautifully illustrated story about a little girl with unlimited potential.




The Dragon and the Pixies
ISBN: 978-1494477646

Paperback: 24 pages
Size: 10 x 8 inches

A children’s book in the tradition of timeless fairy tale classics. Featuring beautiful, hand-drawn illustrations and children’s verse that will entertain the entire family. Let your child’s imagination run wild in this storybook and discover the magical place where dragons and pixies come alive.




Rhyme of the Willow Trilogy
Book One: Shadowbloom
Book Two: Darkroot
Book Three: Witchvine

There is a place beyond a veil of foliage, full of plant wonders unlike anything ever imagined. A garden full of thought-carrying Linkroots, bone-crushing Tanglervines, spore-filled Pumpershrooms, and berries from crimson Bloodvines . . . Berries that will change a human into a fearsome Wild with just a single drop of juice.

Do not leave a Lighthaven without permission. There are dangerous plants that could kill or infect you. A Quakeroot can annihilate an entire convoy. Stormblossoms create whirlpools and catch their prey in underwater roots.

Stay away from any plant that could be dangerous. Do not touch it, eat it, smell it, or go near it. Accidental ingestion can result in melting stomachs, giant boils, or weeds sprouting out of eye sockets.

Report anyone with plants growing on their bodies. Wilds are a threat and must be eliminated immediately. Fire Grove has reported sightings of Crows, recognizable by the long Darkblades growing from their arms and back. They are liars and murderers.